ChemScan® UV-4100

The Chemscan® UV 4100 Nutrient Analyser measures up to 4 parameters: Dissolved ammonia, total inorganic Phosphate, free and total chlorine, and Nitrate / Nitrite (Percentage of transmittance).

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ChemScan® Process Analysers are the perfect solution for water chloramination process control. The Chemscan® UV 4100 Nutrient / process analysers dispenses with the need for frequent manual sampling or laboratory analysis.

There is simply no better solution for online and real time water and wastewater process analysis.


  • Municipal potable water, water treatment plants – Chloramination
  • Municipal wastewater treatment, Sewage treatment, Effluent treatment – Process (with filtration) – Effluent (without filter)
  • Industrial waterwater
Parameters Ammonia, Dissolved Ammonia
Total inorganic phosphate, ortho-phosphate
Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine
Nitrate – Nitrite – % Transmittance

Capabilities of the Chemscan® UV-4100 Process Analyser

  • Continuous, On-line and automatic monitoring of one or two sample lines
  • Up to 4 parameters can be analysed
  • Multiple detection ranges
  • Multiple data output capabilities
  • Up to 8 concentration set point alarms
  • Continual self diagnostics with alarm

Features and Benefits of the Chemscan® UV-2150 Online Analyser

  • Multiple Wavelength UV Absorbance Detection
  • Integrated Multiple Sample Line Manifold
  • Automatic Zero and Clean
  • Internal data logs
  • Benign and inexpensive reagents (available through RWT)
  • No specific Ion electrodes to clean or replace
  • Simple to use operator interface - minimises training required


The ChemScan® UV 4100 Process Analyser provides Australian operators with real time process analysis for:

  • Process Conformance Assurance
  • Improvement of process performance
  • Controlling energy adn chemical costs

Functions and Outputs

Measurement Principle: High resolution UV absorbance

Number of wave lengths: 256

Spectral Range: 200-450 nm

Calibration Technique: Pattern recognition of spectral data

No. of parametrers: 4 maximum (Optional)

Data Communications: 4-20mA (8 outputs max), RS-232, other formats optional

Data Log: 100 Values Time/Date Stamped, 24 Calibration spectra

Auto Zeroing: YES (as standard)

Auto Cleaning: YES (as standard)

Analyzer Pump: YES (as standard), Zeroing, Cleaning and internal sample flow only

Sample Conditoning: YES (Optional) Direct Injection

Number of sample lines: 1 or 2 through internal manifold