BugCount® Online ATP Analysers

BugCount® Online ATP Analysers

Rapid automatic microbiological testing – Microorganisms are a fact of life in industrial processes. But steps can be taken to minimise the effects of costly microbiological damage like corrosion, product degradation and process inhibition.

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Imagine if your microbiological testing program was automated, allowing for more frequent testing and improved monitoring, without the stress on human resources.

Imagine having the ability to detect microbial growth and monitor the effects of corrective actions without having to pull in an operator to perform the testing.

LuminUltra’s BugCount® Online ATP analyzer is an onsite monitoring system which incorporates the speed and accuracy of our gold-standard 2nd Generation ATP® technology to automate and improve microbiological testing. Results are automatically directed to an online platform, allowing operators, technicians, and managers to monitor their process microbiology and make informed decisions immediately and remotely.

This means reduced time for site visits, reduced time for manual testing, and improved response time to address potential issues, as up-to-date data can be viewed at any time from virtually anywhere.

This benefits all team members with better control and increased peace-of-mind.

Here are the advantages of BugCount Online:

  • Rapid measurement of total microbiological content in samples
  • Automated test reduces stress on human resources
  • Flexibility for more frequent testing and improved process control without increasing operator workload
  • Online data access via web platform to quickly inform teams and respond to problems
  • Regardless of whether testing is performed daily or several times per day, can meet the needs of any monitoring program
  • Uses the same gold-standard reagents used in our flagship 2nd Generation ATP in-field kits

How does it work?
Process samples are fed directly to the analyzer for ATP measurements at user-specified intervals. ATP extraction and analysis are performed automatically without any operator involvement. Results are automatically directed to the online platform, allowing all team members – operators, technicians, and managers – to monitor their process microbiology and make informed decisions.

Get up and running in three steps:

  1. Insert the reagent cartridge
  2. Connect your sample
  3. Set your test frequency and click start

The process is simple. The results are actionable. Implement online ATP testing today.

  • Dimensions: 524 x 217 x 212 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Enclosure: IP65 rated
  • Measurement time per sample: < 10 minutes
  • Data format: CSV file format
  • Range of measurement: 50 pg/mL Standard Configuration / 0.1 pg/mL with adaptation
  • Maintenance cycle: Monthly – Replace reagent cartridge, 6 Months – Replace sample tubing, 12 Months – Replace reagents tubing and vacuum trap, 24 Months – Replace pump and fittings
  • External connections: Ethernet, Waste, Cleaning, Sample inlet, Rinse, Power
  • Power Supply: 24 VDC, 120 VAC (North America) / 240 VAC (Europe)
  • Ambient operating conditions: 5 – 30 °C
  • Max sample pressure in a device: 2 bar, 29 psi, 200 kPa
  • Calibration: Internal standard for every sample
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty (extended warranty available)