Conductivity is one of the measures of inorganic dissolved solids in water and is measured in mho or siemens. Measurement of conductivity plays an important role in the measurement of water quality.

Royce Water offer a range of conductivity measurement instruments and sensors from LTH. LTH offer conductivity sensors made from food grade material designed for Process, Dairy, Brewing and Food applications.

  • MXD 73/75

    MXD 73/75 Surface or Panel  Online Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Analyser – Range 0 – 99.9 PPM and % Saturation 0 – 99.9%.

  • LTH ECS40

    Conductivity and solution concentration measurements. Ideal for process, dairy, brewing and food applications.

  • LTH ECS20

    Electrodeless conductivity sensors designed for cooling towers, bleed, rinse water and solution concentration applications.

  • LTH HET63

    LTH HET63 Electrodeless Conductivity Transmitter – quality liquid analysis transmitter available in Base and Advanced models.