Odour & FOG Control

Odour & FOG Control

  • Kuh Kai Water Aerator

    KUH KAI is an innovative product that collides, stirs and breaks down sludge and air into fine particles in a pentagonal cylinder 65cm in length, to accelerate the purification of waste water. Air jetted from a pentagonal cylinder diffuses and radiates outward while eddying in a non-conventional approach.

  • Kuh Kai Wet Well FOG Blitzer

    Utilising both coarse and fine Aeration bubbles through the patented Kuh Kai Aerator, the coarse bubbles assist in breaking up the FOG “scum” in the well. The fine micro bubbles activate aerobic bacteria to form a healthy colony of bacteria that enable biodegradation of organic matter and thus also eliminating odours. The Kuh Kai Wet Well FOG Blitzer is easy to install by a suspension chain and air hose. A low energy Blower can also be supplied to complement the System Package.

  • BYO-GON PX-109®

    Promote healthy biological systems to reduce offensive odours, and capital expenditure for capture and treatment of odorous gases. Reduce O&M costs for grease and solids handling.

  • FOG Rod®

    Innovative wastewater level sensor / wet well level. Failsafe – keeps working through FOG. 90% less maintenance than floats for lift stations.