Turbidity Monitoring

Turbidity Monitoring

RWT is the leading Australian supplier of the WTW turbidity monitoring product range. We recommend WTW sensors, VisoTurb® and ViSolid® for turbidity monitoring and suspended solids measurement.

  • BC-TU8182

    BC-TU8182 Submersible Autoclean Turbidity Sensor – The Turbidity probe TU 8182  (ISO 7027 – EN 27027) has been designed for submersible applications. It is provided with a built-in device for cleaning the optical lens by means of pressure air blasts (max 3Bar).
  • BC-TU910

    BC-TU910 Turbidity Flow Cell -Allows very accurate measurements even at very low turbidity values as required in drinking water applications. The package includes the 1892702 adaptor and O Ring 2713118 for the TU 810 – TU820 – TU8105 installation

  • BC-TU810 / TU8105 / TU820

    BC-TU810/TU8105/TU820 In Line Turbidity Sensor – Designed to be inserted in 2” T Piece inline Pipe Fitting and Nephelometric (ISO 7027 – EN 27027) measuring method

  • BC-TU 7685

    BC-TU7685 Online Turbidity Analyser – Auto ranging with Dual filter software and Alphanumeric backlit display and 0-20mA or 4-20 mA fully programmable output

  • TU 8325/8525

    Turbidity probes