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GO Systemelektronik

  • BlueMon Total Nitrogen & Total Phosphorus

    Fully automatic on-line analyser for measuring concentrations of mediums in fluids according to wet-chemical methods. The photometer total nitrogen & total phosphorus version of the BlueMon system comprises of the following equipment: analyser unit and control and measurement electronics in a powder-coated cabinet.

  • BlueScan Plus – UV/Vis Spectrometer

    The BlueScan Plus UV/Vis Spectrometer is capable of simultaneously detecting multiple parameters.

  • BlueSense Transducer

    The BlueSense transducer facilitates the processing and calculation of measurement values of physical and chemical sensors. In addition, the transducer features a full controller function that can cover all process-oriented tasks. The BlueSense transducer is compatible with analogue and digital sensors and actuators of all manufacturers.

  • BlueTrace Sensor

    The BlueTrace – Oil in Water Sensor is a compact fluorescence probe for the measurement of BTEX and refined oil in water. The robust design of the BlueTrace
    Sensor allows for applications in harsh conditions, such as corrosive media or at high pressure.

  • Multi – Sensor Head – Submersible Probe

    The Multi Sensor Head (MSH) is a modular sonde that allows the integration of up to four sensors or electrodes in one submersible probe head.

  • UV/Vis Spectrometer System

    The intelligent spectral analyzator ISA provides the simultaneous acquisition of multiple parameters with only one sensor in a small form factor. This compact UV/VIS sensor provides both standard water quality parameters and additional substances and water properties applying modern chemometrical methods.