Product Tag - LuminUltra


  • Biomass Population Measurement Quench-Gone LU-QG21

    LU-QG21 Active Biomass Population Measurement – QuenchGone21 Wastewater (QG21W) is the key to a new level of efficiency in biological wastewater treatment plant operation.

  • BugCount® Online ATP Analysers

    Rapid automatic microbiological testing – Microorganisms are a fact of life in industrial processes. But steps can be taken to minimise the effects of costly microbiological damage like corrosion, product degradation and process inhibition.

  • GeneCount™ In-Field qPCR solution

    DNA-based analyser for measuring legionella and sulphur-reducing bacteria.

  • Microbial ATP Test Kit – QGA™

    Fast and highly sensitive microbial test kit based on ATP measurement. Perfect for low-solids and low bio-mass applications.

  • Microbial ATP Test Kit – QGO-M™

    Fastest measurement of total micro-organisms in organic fluids for metalworking, fuel and oilfield applications.

  • Quench-Gone21 – Industrial

    ATP Microbial Test Kit for high solids water and slurries. Applications in industrial process management.

  • QuenchGone21 – Specialty

    Product preservation applications – Microbial measurement test kits that provide real-time measurement of microbes in high-solids slurries and chemical solutions.