Water and Wastewater

Water and wastewater

The water and wastewater marketplace provides difficult challenges in the areas of monitoring and control. The products offered by Royce Water Technologies have been carefully selected to provide users with reliable and accurate operation while at the same time reducing on-going operating costs and minimizing maintenance.

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Sensors and Analysers by Royce Technologies and LTH Electronics for monitoring of dissolved oxygen, total suspended solids, sludge blanket level, pH, ORP, turbidity and conductivity feature automatic self-cleaning. Royce Technologies offers a unique monitoring and control system for SRT Control.

This unit monitors sludge age and automatically controls the wasting in activated sludge plants. Benefits of this system are stable operation of the BNR process, reduction in MLSS without any negative impact on ammonia removal and reduction or elimination of foaming in both aeration basins and clarifiers.

The ChemScan® on-line chemical and nutrient analyzer range includes single or multi-parameter models. The analyzers feature auto zero and auto cleaning functioning. There are no proprietary reagents, supplies or mandatory service contracts. Users benefit from low on-site maintenance, operating costs and low cost of ownership.

The Toscano Dumo Algae Cleaner units use the resonance of ultrasonic waves to kill algae. It is safe for fish, plants and other aquatic life. This is a clean green solution to a common problem without the use of chemicals.

BYO-GON PX109 provides solutions in wastewater streams which have an environmentally sensitive odour, grease or sludge challenges. Being 100% organic and biodegradable, BYO-GON PX109 offers a combination of environmentally safe benefits over chemicals.